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terms and conditions

Studio Membership Agreement



We want you to enjoy our facilities and be able to work in a clean, safe, friendly and productive environment. This agreement sets a framework, which helps ensure that happens.


Edinburgh Ceramic Workshop operates in partnership with the Edinburgh Design School.

The Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop (ECW) is part of the premises of:


Abbeymount Studios

2 Easter Road




The terms and conditions of your studio membership are as follows.


1. Your membership begins on the first of the month. Should you wish to cancel your membership at any time in the future you are required to give one months’ notice. Should ECW with to cancel membership we will also give one months’ notice.

If you start working mid-month you will pay part of that month. The last day of membership must coincide with the last day of the calendar month. We can’t offer payment breaks from membership, but we can in exceptional circumstances offer Sabbaticals if members or their close family members have a period of illness. Sabbaticals would typically be of two or three months. These are open to members with a proven track record of at least one year’s steady practice and must be agreed in writing and in advance with the administrator.


2. The total amount shall be £60 per calendar month payable on the 1st of each month by standing order or direct debit. The membership agreement will be reviewed on a regular basis.


3. You will pay a re-fundable deposit of £30 pounds at the time of the first payment. This will include a key deposit and will be refunded at termination of membership subject to the terms of membership having been met.


4. Payments received 5 working days after the due membership date will incur an additional fee of £2.00 per day plus any additional costs incurred by ECW due to returned cheques or unpaid standing orders. Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop reserves the right to deduct these from any deposit.


5. You are required to supply Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop administrator with your current address and contact details including phone numbers and e-mail. You must update these details if any changes occur at the earliest convenience and supply up to date contact details of anyone who is responsible for membership payment.




6. Monthly members will hold a studio key. ECW Staff will hold duplicate studio keys. Your deposit includes £10 for your key.


7. In accordance with our studio rules you are required to keep communal areas and corridor access spaces free from any obstructions.


8. You must play your part in keeping the studio clean and tidy using the systems and facilities provided. Equipment should be left clean and tidy. Floors mopped as appropriate. We also ask you to help with clay ‘pugging’ and kiln duties as appropriate. ECW reserves the right to deduct cleaning fees from member’s deposits if the studios are left dirty and untidy after a given session.


9. You are not entitled to sub-let or lease your membership to another party.


10. If there is a change in your circumstances you must inform ECW administrator at the earliest convenience.


11. Membership does not include automatic access during scheduled class teaching times.


12. Members must work only during opening hours and must complete each session before the building closes. This includes time for cleaning and tidying the studio. You should leave 20 minutes at the end of each session to ensure that floors are mopped, and your equipment is clean, dried and stored appropriately.


13. Members are required to make good any damage caused to the premises or to equipment if damage is caused.


14. All possessions left in ECW un-contracted storage for a week or more will be deemed to have been given to ECW to keep or dispose of as appropriate.


15. In the event of a material breach in the membership terms ECW reserves the right to terminate membership forthwith and in that event any equipment or materials you have in storage will be immediately removed.


16.You must have your own contents insurance to cover the loss or damage of your own equipment or valuables used in ECW.


17. You will be fully liable for any legal costs arising from any breach in these terms and conditions.


18. Members must inform ECW of any faults in equipment or any un-safe practice observed whilst working in the studio.


19. ECW members must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times whilst in the studio. Any disputes or disagreements, which arise from studio use and cannot be solved on an equitable manner, should be brought

to the ECW administrator.


20. ECW may add, delete, suspend or modify the terms and conditions of this membership agreement at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately.


21. Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop is designed as a practice space. Once you are ready to move to a higher level of learning you should seek an appropriate class or workshop. Working this way will ensure that you keep progressing.


22. Members will consent to a regular practice and positively promote ECW both inside and outside of the building. Members will consent to provide occasional artwork copies to be included in publicity and for use on social network channels. This is so that we can show examples of practice or exhibited work produced in the studio.



23. Members will use the booking sheets provided and will endeavour to attend occasional meetings to discuss new initiatives and working practices.


24. Members will provide their own clay and glaze. This encourages collaborative practice and experimentation.


26. Members prepare their own clay and glaze and for working and firing using the facilities provide.

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