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We have a variety of membership options whether you are taking the leap from classes to becoming a serious hobbyist or you are looking to work towards becoming an emerging professional ceramicist.
We have a wait list for spaces on our, Emerging potter, In production, and Incubator potter membership tiers. Please submit an application. Once we have your application we can add you to the waitlist for your chosen membership
ECW is not for beginners. You need to have experience at least our Foundation Level 3 classes, either with us or with another studio. This equates to  60 - 100 hours of dedicated practice. You will need to show us a folio of recent work too, so we can see your level of practice. If you haven't practiced for a while, we recommend taking a course to refresh your skills.
Our classes are taught in our teaching studio at 
EdinburghDesignSchool. Our teaching school is a centre of excellence for ceramics and an SQA approved teaching centre.
Please make folio sites access open for us to see when you send us links.


Hand crafted ceramic mug created in Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop.

developing a serious practice 
emerging potter membership | £120

Emerging potter membership is designed for people who are starting to develop a serious practice and who want to fire more ware. 

You will be still be learning but you will be making more work consistently at a higher level. You will be testing the market and selling ocassionally.  This membership includes:

  • 24/7 access to shared ceramic studio facility up to 15 hours practice per week

  • personal storage allocation - 1000mm x 460mm x2 shelves (additional storage can be organised separately if required)

  • one shared kiln firing per week and up to 50 cubic litres of fired ware per month with no additional firing charge

  • all work fired by ECW technical staff

  • access to educational workshops

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 09.46.18.png

developing a serious practice 
semi- pro  | £180

Slovenian artsist and ceramiscist, Julija Pustovrh

Julija Pustovrh is a Slovenian born artist, living and working in Edinburgh. After finishing her master's degree in Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art in 2014 she launched her own design business focusing on ceramics. Her work is inspired by nature, looking at forms, structures, textures and patterns in micro and macro scales, transformations in time and space.


Currently Julija is working on an ongoing project exploring the connection between Scottish landscapes and coastal features. She has been collecting sand from remote coasts of Scotland and is incorporating the sands in her new body of work - SANDSCAPES 2019/20.

For more information on Julija's ongoing work and exhibitions please visit:

looking for something else?

the studio

ECW is an open practice pottery studio in Edinburgh, available to anyone with a passion for working creatively with clay.


We offer three to six month artist residencies to makers looking for an opportunity to develop new work in a well resourced and friendly studio.


We run pottery classes and workshops to allow artists and makers to develop their clay practice in a supportive studio environment.  
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